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The structured and rigorous development of robust software-intensive systems and products, largely in support of electromechanical systems, has been the focus of our technical expertise for over three decades.

Software Systems have to be 'engineered' to ensure they meet their purpose. That requires understanding the problem, analysing and evaluating potential solutions, considering the design trades and selecting the appropriate solution to meet the client needs and the best value proposition for the target market... and then developing that product solution with the appropriate rigour to deliver both on the development costs, but warranty and ownership costs.


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We are passionate about solving the business and technical challenges that these systems bring to most engineering companies.

The market demands an increasingly challenging and complex set of behaviours from these systems to enable levels of optimisation, economy and safety that are unachievable by mechanical or purely electronic solutions, yet few organisations find themselves equipped for the challenge, or have the leadership required for the pace with which these technologies change.

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If your software intensive system product portfolio, or even single product needs help from a technology, architecture, design, development and test, process, functional safety, organisation or skills development perspective, then talk to us.