Expertise - Our Work

Innovative products

Our expertise stems from having been intimately involved in dozens of innovative products in both industry-leading companies and small start-ups.

Our task is to help our customers find a competitive edge, generate valuable intellectual property, improve their productivity, help shape the skills and capability of their workforce, manage technical and programme risk and help deliver valuable products to the market on time and to cost.

Without disclosing specifics that might be valuable intellectual property or competitive advantage, we are able to use our knowledge to help apply techniques that might otherwise be dismissed, or steer you away from initiatives which may not deliver. With our extensive network of experts, we are able to connect you with specialist skills, arrange for discussions with other non-competitive industries that are more mature in a given topic, or even help connect you to the best academic opportunities to support novel research.

We are able to discuss the merits of traditional approaches and how to mix and match for hybrid approaches for best results (e.g. using incremental development (agile) for high integrity products (traditionally waterfall)). We can also advise on the suitability of ‘workflow’ processes across a wide domain of contexts (e.g. a small, co-located team to a multi-national, multi-site, collaborative distributed development for product portfolios of variant product)

Examples of our ability to apply, and re-apply, techniques across industry include:

  • Product lines(for creating and managing variant products)
  • System and Product architecture techniques
  • Product Cost, Development Cost and Through-life cost
  • Continuous estimation for Programme Management
  • Product Integrity and Process demands
  • Microcontroller selection
  • Model-Driven Development
  • Risk mitigation through architectural mechanisms
  • Functional Safety Approaches and Strategies

Variant product costing too much?

Re-use not delivering?

Not able to adapt to change?

Core product philosophy not working?

Can't incorporate new technology?

Safety/Security worries?

Technology development on product programmes?

Need to clone your architect?

Field fixes absorbing too much engineering effort?

Component obsolesence causes major redesign?

Team stressed?

No time for innovation?

Feeling out of control?