Services - Product Engineering

Today's Business Climate

Despite the diverse nature of our experiences in the Industrial Controls, Defence, Communications, Automotive, Aerospace, Nuclear and Marine industries, they face many of the same business and market pressures:

  • Decreasing windows of market opportunity
  • A need to have a good match of customer functionality at the right cost point
  • Shortened or even volatile R&D budgets
  • Product developments that are difficult to predict, run late, or are short on functionality
  • A need to extract revenue from sales early to improve return on investment
  • A risk-averse programme mentality

Sofintsys offers technical insight into systems of product development and product system solutions and we have diverse experience that indicates we know how to apply them for you. Our highly skilled and talented consultants deliver the right blend of skills and services, technical and business acumen to ensure you get the best product opportunity and programme control to help you achieve your business goals.

Sofintsys understands how to design and develop products for reliability, testability, and manufacturability. We also recognise that includes increasing expectations of simplicity for product longevity, safety and security in tension with greater functionality and finesse through complexity, accessibility and product change in support of enhancement, maintainability and the management of obsolescence.

Embedding the understanding, whether it be product architecture or brand priorities, is every bit as important as setting a strategy and executing the plan. Sofintsys can assist in continuous training whilst actively engaged in a hands-on role, making sure your team learn and embed that understanding as the product or process evolves.

Software Intensive Systems

Successful System development relies on applying a disciplined approach to product development. This approach leads clients to more effectively manage quality, risk, schedule and cost to meet the demands of customers and shareholders.

We work with clients to reduce product development and support costs, whilst also reducing development time and accurately identifying and managing risks. The approaches we take have secondary benefits of increasing safety, reliability, availability, maintenance costs and improving product comprehension throughout the development team. Our development services include:

  • Generating and communicating product development strategies
  • Assisting the recognition of potential product portfolios for variant product strategies
  • Product definition, planning and risk management
  • Championing a system engineering approach
  • Assistance in product development planning and estimating
  • Systems and Software Architecture realisation
  • High-level product design decisions
  • Design for verification, test, integration and validation
  • Planning test strategies, materiel and test equipment

How to Get Started

Leading and Managing the development of complex software-intensive systems, largely as part of electromechanical systems, has been our mainstay since we began collecting experiences over 3 decades ago.

The fact that we have practiced it across many different companies, products and industry sectors mean we have gleaned technical and business insights that may not be obvious to others.

We have successfully applied many component strategies in various industries and from this, learnt how they can be adapted to match different circumstances. Re-cycle our experience into your new product and get a head-start.

Why not see if what we have learned can be re-applied for you?

Ultimate Flexibility

When you understood you could delay the detailed implementation if you developed your system in software...

...and were sold on the idea that it was so easy to change, that you could do rapid variant product turns...

... it seemed the obvious answer to your fast-paced market!

No Physical Bounds

Unlike nearly everything else on Earth, software systems seem to not suffer any constraint of physics. This makes them incredibly difficulty to specify.

The majority of software systems fail here... at the specification, long before implementation.

Unfortunately the engineering process for software intensive systems involves lots of (flawed) human intellect, which means it collects more problems along the way... some of which we can eradicate easily, but others can be prohibitively expensive to design out, or remove later.

Creating robust software systems takes effort, and expertise.

Software Engineering

The apparent ease with which software can be created (with little capital investment in tools or product) means that the industry has a diverse set of capabilities in its engineering community.

We increasingly commit our safety and security, both bodily and financially, to software systems, yet often have no understanding if that confidence is warranted.

As a business you need to be assured you have the right people, processes, skills and knowledge to generate your product.

We can help.