Solutions Matched to Business Needs

At Sofintsys we recognize that it takes more than technical expertise and talent to develop products and systems that are profitable for our clients. The industries that Sofintsys serves all have a unique balance of business challenges. The strategy, planning and development approach needs to match the business needs and the product market.

With experience ranging from the highest levels of safety and criticality in regulated industries; high availability in the manufacturing industry; the commercial criticality of recall, or profit penalties of service campaigns in the volume industry; Sofintsys has experience of developing  significantly complex products and applications.

From high-integrity, warranted-behaviour, through-life product assurance; to shrink-wrapped, time-to-market driven applications we can help you understand the development and maintenance process model and the business economic that it suggests.

Benefiting from our Knowledge and Experience

We are probably not as expert as you in your particular domain, but we are expert in the wide range of possibilities in software intensive systems development. With you, we aim to understand sufficient about your business and customers to enable you to identify opportunities, question the existing practices and norms, remove waste for a lean process, improve robustness and quality, and balance the business priorities of development cost/time to those of whole lifecycle cost of ownership. Our training, technology consulting and product development services are a complement to your team's specific core technical knowledge.

We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and technical expertise, but also have an insatiable appetite for pace and learning; whether that is promising research and emerging technologies; the ever evolving regulations that help ensure our industries, and the systems that control them, are safe, non-injurious and ecologically sound; or just the application of a technique in your business domain. We are happy to engage in industry sectors for which we have, as yet, no experience.

Our key territory is embedded hard-real-time control systems development, from systems (electronic hardware and software) and detailed software implementations, across developments of varying business and regulatory rigour.

Our current experience encompasses

  • Industrial Controls (Process control automation and high energy test rigs, SCADA)
  • Defence (Electronic Product Design, Integration, Test, User training and Field Trials support)
  • Communications (Circuit Switching, Packet Switching, RF Communication)
  • Automotive Powertrain controls (Hybrid Vehicle, Engine and Transmission) including ISO26262 and AUTOSAR standards
  • Aerospace (Gas Turbine Controls and Health Monitoring) and Nuclear (Electronic Instrumentation and Controls)

Our knowledge and experience is kept at the leading edge of technology through continuous professional development as well as inclusion on various advisory boards in academic and governmental institutions.

Embedding the understanding, whether it be product architecture or brand priorities, is every bit as important as setting a strategy and executing the plan. Sofintsys can assist in continuous training whilst actively engaged in a hands-on role, making sure your team learn and embed that understanding as the product or process evolves.

At Sofintsys, we're committed to helping you develop products your customers value.

Key Skills

The key skill that any software system professionals aspire to is that of an architect. This is usually the culmination of having worked as a designer in many other product developments and lived with the consequences of architectural decisions.

An architect gets the freedom to make those decisions.... and lots of new mistakes.


The underpinning capability for an architect is acquired knowledge. The more diverse that acquired knowledge, the more likely that design decisions are more widely considered.

Typical architects spend entire careers in one industry or even one product segment.

At Sofintsys we have the advantage of having experienced many different industries and many different products. We have seen many of the pitfalls and many solutions.

Why not get a head start, and avoid those mistakes borne of insufficient experience.