Industrial Controls

Industrial and Process Control Sector

Whether you are specifying, commissioning or running a high-energy test rig, or trying to get the maximum value out of your manufacturing KPIs for your software intensive system during production, we can help.

At home with ladder logic, classic control (e.g. PID response tuning) and of course the diagnosis and correction that comes with all those installations that don't quite work as planned. We've worked in highly instrumented, highly networked test rigs with substantial data acquisition, heavy machinery and large noise environments.

We've helped specify large multi-test-lab hierarchies and their control room supervision. We understand what it takes to build a safety case for the operational safety of rigs, especially those involving substantial power systems or energies.

With manufacturing engineering, we have collaborated to enhance both product and line-side testing to enable faster, more comprehensive, checkout of the product during manufacture (e.g. after assembly of a microcontroller-based control board, but before being cased or expensive connectors added).

We can advise on the necessary product instrumentation to test for EMC compatibility by helping specify an execution profile that mimics 'typical' operation for EMC emissions test; or for detecting and counting (or even checking error handling solutions to) events caused by noise or input overloads during EMC susceptibility tests.

Although not a regular, mainstream task, we love robotics, from the small classroom behaviours of research labs, to the large industrial machines used for precision measurement or work-horses of assembly.

Process Automation

High quality product isn't just mechanical. We can enable better product engineered for manufacture, in the software system, that improves your first-time build success and reduces rejection rates.

Test Rigs

Maximise your utilisation, reduce operator attended testing, collect better targetted and more accurate data, and enhance the safety interlocks of your rig.