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A few articles in which our staff have appeared, or been quoted, throughout their career. (N.B. These URLs launch a new browser window)

The Challenges of Complexity and Resilience in Complex Engineering Systems

Complex Engineering Systems

An EPSRC Challenge whitepaper generated for ENCORE+ looking at current and future complexity in both Engineering Systems (Process) and Engineered Systems (Product) and delivering on the consumer expectations of more resilience, safer, more cost-effective, more secure systems ... and the changes needed in our Engineering approach, education, tools, methods and techniques.

Dealing with complexity in large-scale complex IT systems
A complete version of the original narrative can be found in Our Opinion section.

BCS debate focuses on complex systems

Public Press

It's nice to be recorded in public... for the right reasons.

We have been lucky to be asked for public opinion, or to take seats on public bodies.

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