We aim to make a difference for our clients

At Sofintsys, we aim to make a difference for our clients. We aim to bring practical solutions that solve our clients' concerns.

We can partner with our clients to address the business and technical challenges inherent in developing complex software-intensive systems. Providing engineering and consulting services aligned to real business needs, borne of practical experience, and for application in various parts of the product lifecycle, its processes and organisation.

Leveraging Multi-Domain Experience

Sofintsys leverages over 35 years of experience working in leading industries such as Industrial Controls, Defence, Communications, Automotive, Aerospace and Nuclear. Sofintsys enables companies to accelerate their product development efforts, and drive more predictability and productivity into their businesses.

Sofintsys helps clients recognise how to develop products differently, develop products with a difference, and even develop different products to ensure they deliver the products their customers need and value, and maximise the market opportunity.

At Sofintsys, we're committed to helping our clients take control of the engineering and development of their systems and products, with insights into techniques and practical systems of management, competency and professional development as well as advice on organisational and leadership structure and behaviour.


Need us for a day?

  • Independent Review

  • Capability check

  • Refresher training

  • Product Line primer

Need us for longer?

  • New development

  • Process changes

  • Technology evaluation

  • Organisational change

  • Product Architecture support