Expertise, Experience and Business

Sofintsys's expertise is sculpted from its experience of complex software-intensive products and systems across many domains and many different process lifecycles. That experience has enabled clients to gain significant market share, increase their customer base and revenue stream and left enduring legacy system architectural and business organisational structures and behaviours.

By leveraging our experience you can expect to benefit from different insights into system and product development; critical assessment of your development processes to meet, regulatory, statutory and business needs; suggestions for competency assessment and development that enable you to shape and manage the organisation to match the stability or volatility of your product development needs.

We aim to help you

  • Improve your time to market, improving development productivity and market opportunity
  • Expand your market share through superior, robust, technical differentiation
  • Enable entry to emerging markets, through cost effective variant development
  • Enable architectural mitigation to your foreseen adaptation and obsolescence needs
  • Enable you to develop technology independently from product, with rapid product insertion
  • Effectively respond to unforeseen market changes
  • Deal with the challenges of Product and Functional Safety

Our experience and dedication in engineering, technology, and the accompanying business processes can help you develop tool-agnostic solutions that enable you to migrate your business processes quickly or avoid the significant upheaval that vendor lock-in creates in long-cycle product developments.

Our experience in Leadership and Management of project programmes, and product portfolios, can enable you to improve your initial planning; have a more accurate, objective, assessment of regular progress to plan; and enable you to prioritise resource to maximise business benefit.

We can help you develop your most valuable assets, your people. Whether through group training or individual coaching using own product examples, or by using examples from other industry, we can help them develop improved abstract skills that are the hallmark of a high-performing team. We can assist with competency frameworks and learning solutions, to help you assess and develop those assets to guide you in how to reward and strengthen your business assets.

We aim to work directly with your team to intimately understand your domain and customer needs, building long lasting relationships that help you take your ideas to profitable reality.

In short, Sofintsys drives predictability and productivity into your business

From Idea to Reality

The combination of our training services, consulting services and product engineering services can help you find that market differentiation, help challenge the development through potentially disruptive technologies, outpace the competition and find the optimal product or system development that matches your brand aspirations.

With our extensive understanding of the full lifecycle, Sofintsys is able to assist in ensuring your product's competitive edge and profitability. From market analysis, through planning, system and software solution development, test, integration, verification, validation, delivery and maintenance, through to disposal, we can help ensure the appropriate focus of attention.

Problem Processes?

Grown out of your development processes?

Are your processes inadequate, or even a burden?

Are your costs out of control?

Do you know which processes are right for your development?

Problem Product?

Matched to customer or market needs?

Transistion from prototype to product proving problematic?

Promised re-use not delivering?

Running out of time?

Problem Understanding?

Team too busy to talk?

No-one able to describe what's wrong to enable you to help fix it?

More 'bodies' just slowing progress down, but cost up?

Steep learning curves?

One-off or enduring problem?

Nothing tangible to measure?