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Business aligned strategies

Sofintsys provides experienced consultants who work closely with your executive management and senior technical staff to clearly align product technology strategy and product development processes with business goals.

Understanding what a technology can deliver, and the risks associated with its development to a reliable product need to be understood early if it is to meet some business goal or market opportunity.

In the past 30 years, we've helped:

  • Develop product roadmaps and plan strategic development
  • Create and communicate systems and software architectures
  • Execute product technology programmes and generate prototypes to de-risk development
  • Develop complex hard real-time software applications for electromechanical systems
  • Communicate the virtues and develop product line architecture approaches
  • Maximise re-use strategies to fulfil immediate market opportunities
  • Enhance product life through architectural approaches
  • Execute robust software and system test strategies
  • Provide customer training on the use of complex product systems
  • Set up skill assessment, training and development programmes to enhance staff value
  • Serve as Chief Software Architect for a number of key products
  • Provide Training and Advice on Product and Functional Safety
  • Create Process documentation to various industry standards

Our experience shows these approaches are common to a number of businesses, so you may find them familiar. Our familiarity with them also suggests we may be able to add value.

Unique to You

Although the challenges may be common in the abstract, the way you wish to address your particular challenges may appear to be unique. Sofintsys does not peddle ‘common’ solutions, but rather we pride ourselves in listening to our individual client’s needs, your take on your industry and customers, your markets and its sensitivities, your understanding of emerging technologies and your competitors' positions, and your brand positioning. We will work with you to see how our experiences can be deployed to help you generate profitable, timely product development programmes.

Technology Consulting

Different businesses have different development cycle times, and as a result have different opportunities to adopt new technology. Those opportunities can only be realised if the risk of technology insertion can be reliably managed. We can help you structure programmes from identification of technology and its opportunity through to insertion in live products. Typically we can support the following phases.

  • Product Technology Assessment – Values and Costs
  • Product Safety Assessment – Concept, System, Hardware and Software Development
  • Technology Strategy Formulation – The risks that need objective enumeration
  • Technology Development programmes – Research partners, suppliers and delivery
  • Architecture Assessment and Design – Accommodating the technology
  • Software and System Verification Strategy – Proving it works and delivers
  • Technology Migration Feasibility Analysis and Strategy – Product insertion, Market insertion
  • Technology Partner / Supply Chain Assessment – Reliable manufacture and behaviour

Please don’t forget that electromechanical technology developments also impact control strategies, diagnostic capabilities, sensing accuracy, actuation precision, speed of response and many other attributes that need to be accommodated in your software intensive control system.

Embedding the understanding, whether it be product architecture or brand priorities, is every bit as important as setting a strategy and executing the plan. Sofintsys can assist in continuous training whilst actively engaged in a hands-on role, making sure your team learn and embed that understanding as the product or process evolves.

Contact us to learn more about our training or consulting services.

Conflicted Messages?

Need Independent Advice?

Having trouble with a software-intensive system in your supply chain?

Do you know how to assess their capability to do your job?

Is the management report an accurate reflection?

Scared of 'rocking-the-boat' with intrusive oversight?

Don't have time, or the expertise available, to check?

Design affirmation

Independent advice with no baggage and no promotion risk.

Communication bridge from technical speak to business speak.

Clear messages.

Products matched to market and business need.

Technology risk assessment.

Functional Safety assessment.

Programme risk assessment.

Capability assessment.

Market Ready

Test confidence.

Test evidence.

Safe to release.

Robust product.

Diagnostic systems ready.

Ready for Manufacture

Test facilities.

Exercise coverage.

KPI/KPC Measurement.